Ride on Mowers - Stiga Tornado 5108W - $5699

Engine 586cc Stiga Engine

Tranmission Hydrostatic

Deck 108cm cutting deck

Catching No catcher attached

The Stiga Tornado 4108W cuts the hassle out of mowing - extremely versatile and strong.


A high-specification lawn tractor with a new 586 cc STIGA twin-cylinder engine and hydrostatic transmission, that combine to deliver superior performance and maneuverability. It’s capable of side-discharging and mulching; and it offers an expansive 108 cm cutting width capable of mowing up to 7000m2

Engine: Stiga ST550

Engine Size: 586cc

Fuel Tank: 6L

Cutting Method:Side discharge, optional multiclip mulching  

Cutting Width: 1088 cm (42")

Cutting Height Ranger: 7 Positions, 25-80 mm

Blade Engagement: Electromagnetic clutch

Transmission: Hydrostatic, rear-wheel drive

Optional extras: Mulching kit, battery charger

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