Line Trimmers - Oleo-Mac 446 BP

CC Rating 45cc

Weight 10.8kg

kW 1.8

Oleo-Mac 446 BP

Ideal for working on steep or sloping ground and cleaning ditches, banks and undergrowth.
  • The ergonomic backpack has height-adjustable straps and support for lower back made of breathable material, thus enabling the operator to work without restriction.
  • Steel drive shaft, two-ring piston and oversize air filter ensure long endurance.
  • The ergonomic backpack allows the torso to twist and bend unrestricted, for maximum freedom of movement. Super-cushioning mount with 4 springs to minimise vibrations.
  • Innovative quick-release coupling system, which allows the operator to release the machine swiftly and easily in hazard situations.
  • Handle of new design rotates through 350° and is readily detachable from the shaft without disturbing the cables, simplifying transport of the machine.

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