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BC240D Pole Pruner Attachment


For pruning all kinds of tree branches and foliage up to three metres from the ground, to keep growth under control.

  • The 10” bar with 3/8” pitch enables effortless cutting of branches 10-12 cm in diameter.
  • The shaft arm is rubber coated to ensure a safe grip and minimise the transmission of vibrations to the operator.
  • The semi-transparent chain oiler reservoir enables the operator to read the oil level without removing the cap.
  • The handgrip can be rotated by 90° for a choice of two operating positions, enabling the bar to be adapted according to the branches to be pruned.

Bar Length: 25cm

Chain (PitchxGauge): 3/8 x 0.43"

Oil tank capacity: 0.18L

Weight: 6.0kg



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