Generators - Honda EU10i - $2299


The portable EU10i is the first generator of its size to feature a microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter that guarantees commercial-quality electricity – making it ideal for use with frequency-sensitive electrical equipment such as laptops. It is the size of overhead luggage, making it the most portable Honda generator there is.

It uses a high-speed multi-point alternator that is integrated into the engine itself. This technology reduces the overall weight and size by 25% to 50% compared to similarly classed conventional models. You can take it anywhere!


Featuring 8 Amp/12 Volt DC, maximum 1000W/240 Volt AC power levels, the EU10i can run appliances and charge batteries simultaneously.

It starts 'first time every time' with Honda's reliable one pull easy start system, and at 13kg, is one of most lightweight generators in its class.

It's whisper-quiet - 52dB(A)*/58dB(A) while delivering stable, consistent electricity.



The EU10i runs on unleaded fuel, so you'll never get your hands dirty having to mix oil and petrol again just to get the thing going! Environmental impact is front of mind with the EU10i. This unit has lower emissions, operates at a lower decibel and has a low fuel consumption. The engine is protected via low oil alert system so you can enjoy without the concern. Best of all, get up to 8° hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank.


EasystartInverterEcoNo MIx


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